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Are you DBOBX? Obviously, everybody and anybody can read this, but what follows below is directed to those that participate and/or support the DBOBX (Dune Buggies of the Outer Banks, on Facebook). 

Those of you that have trashed me (online forums, Facebook, etc), I am totally A-OK with that, seriously.  There may be times where I actually deserve it.  What does cause me to take it with a grain of salt, is that I don’t know who most of you are, having never met you in person, and/or never had any type of meaningful interaction with you whatsoever.  Obviously, there are a couple of well-documented exceptions we are all aware of; SJ & VS.  Still, go for it if you feel inclined to do so, it’s cool with me.  Trash away if you must.  Really.  In other words, bring-it-on, baby; bring it on.

Though in retrospect, shouldn’t you actually be thanking me? A Facebook posting, created by Scott Jackle during March of 2017, clearly states “In a way, Gary, you were the inspiration for creating the (DBOBX) group.  You know…big picture.”

What some of you may find telling, is that when the name calling, back-biting, and plotting is set aside, the hardcore facts themselves found on the first page of “Please show respect for the law while driving the beaches of the OBX, NC” (evidenced by the photos publicly provided by Scott Jackle) have never-ever been disputed by Scott, Vince Simansky, Mike Dario, or anyone else for that matter.  Some of those same photos, however, have been reviewed by OBX local/area law enforcement officers, and direct warnings were indeed issued (see details below).  Either these "locals" were completely ignorant of the law (possible, but extremely doubtful), or they truly believe that they are above the law.  So you tell me; which is it?

How far does blind loyalty go, before common sense finally kicks in?

I completely understand/support, and can totally relate to those that choose to learn from others that have sand-driving experience; that’s the way it should be.  But I wonder, once you get acclimated (know the area), and you are familiar with the basics of driving in the sand (or over and behind the dunes, for example; it’s not rocket science), do you feel like you have the independence to go to these same areas on your own if you are properly prepared?  With proper spotters, communications, and highly-recommended buggy whips, can you venture to DBOBX favorites, such as “the bowl”, without completely and shamefully breaking the hearts of the “local” DBOBX admins if they are not available or invited to go as well?  Will you always feel an obligation to dutifully follow and set appointments with these two Pied Pipers, just because they happen to be OBX “locals”?

Keep in mind who owns your dune buggies, who pays for the gas, the registration, insurance, the upkeep; who owns the beaches, dunes, sand roadways, and land that you would like to enjoy.  Hopefully, you get my drift.

(Beginning of text added 04-16-2019)

After seeing numerous photos of people (possibly DBOBX members) standing on the OBX dunes during the fall of 2017, and since I knew this to be an illegal act, I personally sent these photos to the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office for review, along with contact information for both Vince Simansky and Scott Jackle (DBOBX admins).  My name was clearly included at the bottom of the correspondence, and I never/ever asked for anonymity. 

I received an email from Sergeant Terrance Sutton/Currituck Sheriff’s Office, dated March 22, 2018.  In this email, he showed me that he clearly informed both Scott Jackle and Vince Simansky (by email) about the illegality of standing on the OBX dunes.  He even copied/pasted Currituck County’s Section 10-128; entitled Beach and dune protection.  At the bottom of the email that he sent to me, Sergeant Sutton also stated the following (copied/pasted from his email response to me, word for word):

On March 22,2018 at 5:33pm, I spoke to Vince Simansky by phone. I told him that I was about to send an email to him. I explained to him the reason I was contacting him. He told me that they wasn't aware of the county ordinance and that he wasn't one of them on the dunes. He wasn't with the group that day but he will let everyone know about the ordinance. He assured me that it want happen again. He was happy that I had contacted him to let him know about it.

DBOBX members, please take some time and read the last paragraph above again.  I have personally seen a Facebook post written by Vince Simansky, where he stated that my complaint had no merit whatsoever.  Who do you trust/believe; Vince Simansky or Sergeant Terrance Sutton/Currituck Sheriff’s Office?  Vince Simansky (according to his “autobiography”) has been visiting the OBX area since 1976.  Vince Simansky has served as an OBX lifeguard.  Vince Simansky has been an avid surfer in the waters of the OBX for years.  Up until the time of the referenced phone call from Sergeant Sutton, are you telling me that Vince was completely clueless about the illegality of climbing and standing on the OBX dunes?  I find that highly-highly-highly-highly unlikely.  I can even remember Manx Club online public discussions about this very subject (the illegality of climbing the OBX dunes) after the 2nd Manx on the Banx (2012).

Ah, but let’s take this one step further; Sergeant Sutton clearly stated (once again, see above) that Vince told him that
he wasn’t one of them on the dunes/he wasn’t with the group that day.” I know Vince relatively well, and as DBOBX members, you may know Vince even better that I do (or at least the “Vince” that he wants to show you).  Do any of you have even the slightest shadow of a doubt that this photo is the back of Vince Simansky?  I initially blurred his head before posting it on this webpage; I also still have the original.

So, if this is indeed a photo of Vince Simansky, and since Vince Simansky apparently told Sergeant Sutton that he was NOT part of the group in the photo(s), would you yourself brand Vince Simansky as a 100% liar?  Would you agree that Vince Simansky intentionally told an officer of the law a blatant lie in order to protect himself?  I find this truly amazing; I really do.  If you scroll down the page, you will also see a photo of tire tracks Vince made when he drove up the side of an OBX dune (this, once again, is also against the law).  If you personally find this kind of behavior acceptable; well, I truly feel sorry for your total cluelessness and/or your lack of personal responsibility.  Let’s remember that Vince is one of your DBOBX admins, and more importantly, an official representative/event coordinator of the internationally-known Manx Club.

I have no idea as to everything that I have been accused of as it relates to the DBOBX, Manx Club, and/or the dune buggy community in general.  I can tell you this, though, (1.) I have called out those that publicly disparaged the Manx Club Board of Directors, (2.) I have tried to make sure that the DBOBX admins have (and continue to be) accountable under the eyes of the law, and (3.) I have suggested ways to promote safety while traveling behind the OBX dunes.  If you find this to be offensive in any way, so be it (and to be honest, I could care less).

I may only know a very few of your DBOBX membership personally (hi, Dave Gregitis; how’s it goin’?), but if you are the types of folks that blindly choose to form opinions of others solely based on the words/accusations of VS/SJ; well, have at it.

Vince Simansky himself has actually and (semi) publicly accused me of “slander”.  Facts do matter, and slander is actually illegal.  As Tyrion Lannister said in GoT/S03E01; “It’s not slander if it’s true.”

(End of text added 04-16-2019)

Take just a minute to reflect on the rest of your life up to this point and as you were learning the ropes; are you still physically, repeatedly and blindly following all of your past mentors?  If so, your occasional group hugs must be pretty damn big by now.  Thank you, but no thank you.

You guys/gals are certainly not the first to think of me in a negative way (in both this and other subjects), and you probably won’t be the last.  For me, blind loyalty goes only so far (not very far, actually), then it very well may come down to a basic choice between right and wrong.  I can assure you, I don’t lose any sleep over this; in fact at times the occasional abrasion help to break up the monotony of the day (and it allows me to keep my very-basic webpage building skills updated).

Buggy on my friends/enemies/frienemies/whatever, but get up and brush the sand off of your knees and remember that you will always have the option to follow your own music.  Also, don’t forget to air it down.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Gary David Holbrook
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Was I, Gary David Holbrook, really banned from the Manx Club?
Like, really-really-really BANNED?
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