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Although their names have yet to be listed, it appears that these same two OBX "locals"
may very well be the Manx Club's official event coordinators for the 2019 Manx On The Banx.

Heads-up to the Manx Club's webmaster; the correct spelling of the North Carolina town
listed above, Latitude: 35.217446, Longitude: -75.692057, whose island is home to
one of the world's most famous lighthouses, is "Hatteras" (01-11-2019)

What would cause to be forbidden to the public?
You may want to ask Vince Simansky.
Scott Jackle - Facebook Pottymouth
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Dave Gregitis Don't
Want No Ghetto

One-time friend Dave Gregitis trashed the 2017 Manx On The Banx schedule, and seemed to (incorrectly) accuse me of having input/control on the creation of that same daily schedule.

Dave also seemed to imply that some 2017 MOTB attendees may decide to "go rogue" and create their own alternate daily schedule.

To be fair and tranparent; after I publicly called Dave out on the above, he responded that I was taking his text "out of context".  What a joke.

SiggyManx#33; say it ain't so!