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Are you DBOBX? Obviously, everybody and anybody can read this, but what follows below is directed to those that choose to participate and/or support the DBOBX (Dune Buggies of the Outer Banks, on Facebook). 

Those of you that have trashed me (online forums, Facebook, etc), I am totally A-OK with that, seriously.  There may be times where I actually deserve it (maybe, but probably not).  What does cause me to take it with a grain of salt, is that I don’t know who most of you are, having never met you in person, and/or never had any type of meaningful interaction with you whatsoever.  Obviously, there are a couple of well-documented exceptions we are all aware of; SJ & VS.  Still, go for it if you feel inclined to do so, it’s cool with me.  Trash away if you must.  Really.  In other words, bring-it-on, baby; bring it on.

Though in retrospect, shouldn’t you actually be thanking me? A Facebook posting, created by Scott Jackle during March of 2017, clearly states
“In a way, Gary, you were the inspiration for creating the (DBOBX) group.  You know…big picture.”

What some of you may find telling, is that when the name calling, back-biting, and plotting is set aside, the hardcore facts themselves found on the first page of “Please show respect for the law while driving the beaches of the OBX, NC” (evidenced by the photos publicly provided by Scott Jackle himself) have never-ever been disputed by Scott, Vince Simansky, Mike Dario, or anyone else for that matter.  Some of those same photos, however, have been reviewed by OBX local/area law enforcement officers, and direct warnings were indeed issued (see details below).  Either these "locals" were completely ignorant of the law (possible, but extremely doubtful), or they truly believe that they are above the law.  So you tell me; which is it?

(Beginning of text added 04-20-2019)

Scott Jackle/Vince Simansky cause dissension among Manx Club Board of Directors

But even before Scott Jackle and Vince Simansky partnered up to break local laws on the Outer Banks, they had caused dissention by publicly trashing the Manx Club Board of Directors for decisions they had made regarding the Manx on the Banx.  It appears that since one of the offenders (Vince Simansky) was currently a MOTB co-coordinator/OBX “local”, and since the other long-time co-coordinator chose the high road by graciously bowing out and creating/scheduling his own unique event, the Manx Club BOD ultimately thought it was best just to sweep all of these negative issues under the rug.  It also appears that at least one very influential member of the dune buggy community also thinks that the whole “Manx on the Banx” idea may have already run its course.  Here is an excerpt from an email that I received from Winnie Meyers, dated October 22, 2017:

"Quite a long time ago, when Bruce and I owned the Manx Club privately, we ran up against a very similar issue.  One of our club members was using our club and event to further their decision to create their own little club.  Their club was called the RBC club, if you have ever heard of them.  Though we were of course disturbed that they would use what we created, to further their cause, basically our hands were tied.  We (were) damned if we were quiet and damned if we spoke out.  We weathered the storm, so to speak, basically ignored them, and eventually their intentions went away.  Though the board of directors is quite aware of this current issue, we feel it would be more damaging to us to do something about it than to just ignore it.  Vince and Scott Jackle have submitted to put on next year's MOTB.  Let it happen.  If it fails due to the lack of organization, let it die a natural death.  If it goes well, embrace it.  Personally, I feel that it's time for a new venue as we've pretty much "run this one out".  In other words - it's the same thing over and over.  We need to give it a rest and move on to something else.  Looking forward to Bud's "Manx at the Mountains!"

It's a sad day when internal fighting rules."

(End of text added 04-20-2019)

So, how far does blind loyalty go, before common sense finally kicks in?

I completely understand/support, and can totally relate to those that choose to learn from others that have sand-driving experience; that’s the way it should be.  But I wonder, once you get acclimated (know the area), and you are familiar with the basics of driving in the sand (or over and behind the dunes, for example; it’s not rocket science), do you feel like you have the independence to go to these same areas on your own if you are properly prepared?  With proper spotters, communications, and highly-recommended buggy whips, can you venture to DBOBX favorites, such as “the bowl”, without completely and shamefully breaking the hearts of the “local” DBOBX admins if they are not available or invited to go as well? Will you always feel an obligation to dutifully follow and set appointments with these two Pied Pipers, just because they happen to be OBX “locals”?

Keep in mind who owns your dune buggies, who pays for the gas, the registration, insurance, the upkeep; who owns the beaches, dunes, sand roadways, and land that you would like to enjoy.  Hopefully, you get my drift.

(Beginning of text added 04-16-2019)

Scott Jackle/Vince Simansky are warned by OBX Local Law Enforcement

After seeing numerous photos of people (possibly DBOBX members) proudly standing on the OBX dunes during the fall of 2017, and since I knew this to be an illegal act, I personally sent these photos to the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office for review, along with contact information for both Vince Simansky and Scott Jackle (DBOBX admins).  My name was clearly included at the bottom of the correspondence, and I never/ever asked for anonymity. 

I received an email from Sergeant Terrance Sutton/Currituck Sheriff’s Office, dated March 22, 2018.  In this email, he showed me that he clearly informed both Scott Jackle and Vince Simansky (by email) about the illegality of standing on the OBX dunes.  He even copied/pasted Currituck County’s Section 10-128; entitled Beach and dune protection.  At the bottom of the email that he sent to me, Sergeant Sutton also stated the following (copied/pasted from his email response to me, word for word):

"On March 22,2018 at 5:33pm, I spoke to Vince Simansky by phone. I told him that I was about to send an email to him. I explained to him the reason I was contacting him. He told me that they wasn't aware of the county ordinance and that he wasn't one of them on the dunes. He wasn't with the group that day but he will let everyone know about the ordinance. He assured me that it want happen again. He was happy that I had contacted him to let him know about it."

DBOBX members, please take some time and read the last paragraph above again.  I have personally seen a Facebook post written by Vince Simansky, where he stated that my complaint had no merit whatsoever.  Who do you trust/believe; Vince Simansky or Sergeant Terrance Sutton/Currituck Sheriff’s Office?  Vince Simansky (according to his “autobiography”) has been visiting the OBX area since 1976.  Vince Simansky has served as an OBX lifeguard.  Vince Simansky has been an avid surfer in the waters of the OBX for years.  Up until the time of the referenced phone call from Sergeant Sutton, are you telling me that Vince was completely clueless about the illegality of climbing and standing on the OBX dunes?  I find that highly-highly-highly-highly unlikely (and according to this link; very likely a down-right lie).  I can even remember Manx Club online public discussions about this very subject (the illegality of climbing the OBX dunes) after the 2nd Manx on the Banx (2012).

Ah, but let’s take this one step further; Sergeant Sutton clearly stated (once again, see above) that Vince told him that
he wasn’t one of them on the dunes/he wasn’t with the group that day.” I know Vince relatively well, and as DBOBX members, you may know Vince even better that I do (or at least the “Vince” that he wants to show you).  Do any of you have even the slightest shadow of a doubt that this photo is the back of Vince Simansky?  I initially blurred his head before posting it on this webpage; I also still have the original.

So, if this is indeed a photo of Vince Simansky, and since Vince Simansky apparently told Sergeant Sutton that he was NOT part of the group in the photo(s), would you yourself brand Vince Simansky as a 100% liar?  Would you agree that Vince Simansky intentionally told an officer of the law a blatant lie in order to solely protect himself?  I find this truly amazing; I really do.  If you scroll down the page, you will also see a photo of tire tracks Vince made when he drove up the side of an OBX dune (this, once again, is also against the law).  If you personally find this kind of behavior acceptable; well, I truly feel sorry for your total cluelessness and/or your lack of personal responsibility.  Let’s remember that Vince is one of your DBOBX admins, and more importantly, an official representative/event coordinator of the internationally-known Manx Club.

I have no idea as to everything that I have been accused of as it relates to the DBOBX, Manx Club, and/or the dune buggy community in general.  I can tell you this, though, (1.) I have called out those that publicly disparaged the Manx Club Board of Directors, (2.) I have tried to make sure that the DBOBX admins have (and continue to be) accountable under the eyes of the law, and (3.) I have suggested ways to promote safety while traveling behind the OBX dunes.  If you find this to be offensive in any way, so be it (and to be honest, I could care less).

I may only know a very few of your DBOBX membership personally (hi, Dave Gregitis; how’s it goin’?), but if you are the types of folks that blindly choose to form opinions of others solely based on the words/accusations of VS/SJ; well, have at it.

Vince Simansky himself has actually and (semi) publicly accused me of “slander”.  Facts do matter, and slander is actually illegal.  As Tyrion Lannister said in GoT/S03E01; “It’s not slander if it’s true.”

(End of text added 04-16-2019)
("Obey the OBX Laws")      (Banned?)      (How To Apply A Decal)     (How Cold is Too Cold?)     (MOTB & Ethics)
Updated July 21, 2019
Was I, Gary David Holbrook, really banned from the Manx Club?
Like, really-really-really BANNED? I guess it's time to find out!
Any of my input/participation with Manx On The Banx scheduling was mostly limited to annual coordination with Kitty Hawk Kites, and that was with the approval and oversight from MOTB co-coordinator The Bud Man.  There was at least one significant exception; during the 2014 Manx On The Banx, Vince Simansky had coordinated Friday night dinner/event registration with The Brewing Station in Kill Devil Hills.  But he made absolutely no advanced provisions, once the event was over, for the relatively-large contingent to navigate through the busy streets from The Brewing Station over to NC Hwy 12, so that we could all head north to the Hilton Garden Inn for continued activities (courtesy of advanced coordination by Scott Jackle; well done). In other words, it would have been a mass dune buggy free-for-all/cluster-you-know-what.

I was not privy to direct conversations between The Bud Man and Vince Simansky, but I was asked by The Bud Man to contact local law enforcement (Kill Devil Hills Police Department) to see if they will be willing to offer assistance.  Without charge, they gladly provided several officers/patrolmen; while completely blocking the streets to oncoming traffic so that our MOTB group could caravan, as one uninterrupted unit, from The Brewing Station over to NC Hwy 12 (through 6 separate intersections).

If I remember correctly, Vince Simansky’s wife would not let him drive his dune buggy north on South Croatan Highway (which would have been much easier and much quicker), but you will have to confirm that with him.

Just for the record, I have no beef with the members of the DBOBX, other than the Facebook admins; Scott Jackle and Vince Simansky (and possibly one or two others).  In fact if Scott Jackle is truthful, he will admit that early on, I offered to build the DBOBX group a dedicated web page.  Scott Jackle and Vince Simansky are both well-documented law-breakers and repeated liars; it’s as simple as that.

Just remember; it’s not slander if it’s true.

(End of text added May 26, 2019)

(Beginning of text/video added June 2, 2019)

Here's another exception, but it doesn't have anything to do with Manx On The Banx scheduling.  There was a fair amount of GoPro video footage and still photos, taken by others, during the 2013 MOTB Blindfold Derby.  The Bud Man (MOTB co-coordinator at the time), asked if I would organize/edit/crop/add music/add graphics to this raw content so that he could include it in a DVD he was working on, commemorating the 2013 MOTB event.  Here is the result of that segment.  Enjoy:
(Beginning of text added May 26, 2019)

Mark Murrin; this post by "documented liar" Vince Simansky makes no sense whatsoever.  I do have documentation, however, showing an instance where back in 2008 (3 years before the first Manx On The Banx), I suggested that we (fiberglass dune buggy owners) participate in the annual First Flight Cruisers Car Show that was held during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, as a way to encourage annual group visitation by fiberglass dune buggy owners to the Outer Banks (as you can see, there was not much of a response).  How can any sane/responsible adult even think to confuse events in March with a completely separate event in October?

I did not even attend the 2011 Manx On The Banx.  I did attend the 2012 Manx On The Banx, but strictly as a spectator.  During the 2013 Manx On The Banx, I donated one of my metal etchings for the silent auction.
(End of text/graphic added July 5, 2019)
(Beginning of text/graphic added July 5, 2019)

Personally, I find the following not only to be truly amazing, but extremely telling as far as the truthfulness and overall character of Vince Simansky/surfnc is concerned.  I don’t find it amazing in relation to it being any kind of a surprise; not at all.  I find it amazing that Vince Simansky/surfnc appears to be totally comfortable in not only publicly lying to his friends and fellow fiberglass dune buggy enthusiasts, but to various law enforcement officials as well.

An email received from Sergeant Terrance Sutton/Currituck Sheriff’s Office (March 22, 2018), clearly stated that Vince Simansky told him that he was not aware that it was illegal to be on the OBX dunes in un-approved areas.  Please reference the date again above, then check out this post by Vince Simansky (forum comment on thesamba.com) dated March 8, 2011 (seven years earlier).  This was before the first Manx On The Banx event even took place.  The image below also provides a link to the entire forum post.  This appears to be the epitome of “lying/saving your own skin at the expense of others;” do you agree?
Facebook post by Vince Simansky, found under the DBOBX group page, March 27, 2019:

Vince Simansky:  "He (Gary Holbrook) is on this site under a fictitious name to 'spy' on us in hopes of sending law enforcement another 'anonymous' tip and causing more trouble." << THIS IS A 100% LIE

In order to (theoretically) be on the DBOBX Facebook page under a “fictitious name”, it would require someone to create a 2nd and completely separate Facebook personal account, which is against Facebook’s requirements.  Anyone that creates a 2nd Facebook personal account (under a “fictitious name” for instance), probably runs the risk of having either one or both accounts deleted.  Also, ALL relevant information provided to law enforcement included my name/contact information.

On the other hand, I would have no problem if it was publicly posted that someone within the DBOBX Facebook group has assisted by providing access to screenshots of DBOBX comments and content.

(End of text/graphic added June 6/12, 2019)

You guys and gals in the DBOBX might know Vince Simansky and Scott Jackle better than I do (maybe/maybe not).  If you had to choose, which one reminds you of the Bulldog, and which one reminds you of the Jack Russell Terrier in this classic  "Kibbles 'n Bits 'n Bits 'n Bits" television commercial from the 1980's?  Feel free to cast your vote here.
(End of text/video added June 2, 2019)

(Beginning of text/graphic added June 6/12, 2019)

Just below we see  Scott Jackle’s Lie # _____ and Vince Simansky's Lie # _____; I’ve lost count, seriously.  Sorry about that.
(End of text added May 21, 2019)

Take just a minute to reflect on the rest of your life up to this point and as you were learning the ropes; are you still physically, repeatedly and blindly following all of your past mentors?  If so, your occasional group hugs must be pretty damn big by now.  Thank you, but no thank you.

You guys/gals are certainly not the first to possibly think of me in a negative way (in both this and other subjects), and you probably won’t be the last.  For me, blind loyalty goes only so far (not very far, actually), then it very well may come down to a basic choice between right and wrong.  I can assure you, I don’t lose any sleep over this; in fact at times the occasional abrasion help to break up the monotony of the day (and it allows me to keep my very-basic webpage building skills updated).

(Beginning of text added May 22, 2019)

Last but not least, DBOBXers, and in order to maintain their structural integrity; please remember to stay off of the OBX dunes, and/or any sand dunes that are legally off limits, for that matter.

Statement directly from the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office:
“The following activities shall be considered unlawful within the dune system: Walking or traversing on the dunes outside of an improved or unimproved dune walkover access as defined in section 10-126.  Operating any vehicle, moped, motorcycle, or motor vehicle or using any horse on or across any frontal or primary dune, or in such a manner as would destroy natural vegetation.” 

Your DBOBX admin(s) have been warned not only once, but twice (March 22, 2018, May 16, 2019) about this law-breaking activity.  Hopefully; your respect for the law, respect for the environment, and basic common sense will allow you to see the light as it relates to this matter.  Thank you for reading.

(End of text added May 22, 2019)

Buggy on my friends/enemies/frienemies/whatever, but get up and brush the sand off of your knees and remember that you will always have the option to follow your own music.  Also, don’t forget to air it down.
(Beginning of text added May 21, 2019)

I have to admit, the following really blows my mind, and it has nothing to do with either the DBOBX or dune buggies in general. Scott Jackle, desk clerk at a local OBX hotel, actually has total distain for those that (indirectly) help pay his salary.

I am pretty sure that I have called Scott Jackle out on the use of this term before;
however this posting (May 2, 2019) may be the latest example of his true feelings about visitors that choose to vacation and/or spend some time at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  “Tourons” is actually a derogatory contraction of “tourists” and “morons”.  I wonder what the hotel management (Travelodge by Wyndham Outer Banks/Kill Devil Hills) thinks about Scott Jackle’s reckless comment(s):
Manx On The Banx & Ethics; Apparently Not a Good Mix
(Scott Jackle)
Gary David Holbrook
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(Beginning of graphic/link added July 13, 2019)
(Beginning of graphic/link/text added July 17, 2019)
(End of graphic/link/text added July 17, 2019)
Hello people; the following is directed exclusively to Vince Simansky.

Vince, my (former/kinda) friend/acquaintance; you certainly do have a warped sense of (what you perceive to be) reality.  I truly pity those around you that get pulled in as a result of your mis-wired head’s continued distortions and deceptions:
For the record, Vince; my dune buggy was running great that day (10/12/17), and in fact, it runs great today (admittedly, it probably could use a valve adjustment).  How someone with your (supposedly) vast experience with dune buggies can come to the conclusion that, just because a-dune-buggy-is-being-towed/there-is-something-wrong-with-it, is beyond me.

Let’s talk specifically about that day, Thursday, October 12, 2017; shall we?  I knew in advance that I was not going to be able to attend the 2018 Manx On The Banx to any great length, but because I was directly responsible for coordinating the Show ‘N Shine location with Kitty Hawk Kites, I felt a responsibility to be there, at least for that particular event.

You/Vince Simansky, on the other hand, had absolutely no business showing your Manx Club policy-breaking face even for an instant at the 2017 MOTB Show 'N Shine; based on the Manx Club’s bylaws. But we get to that in a minute.

Even though I was only going to be attending the 2017 MOTB for about 3-4 hours or so, and even though I was responsible for the Kitty Hawk Kites/Show 'N Shine coordination, I pre-registered in advance in order to
(rightfully) attend the event.  Since I wasn’t planning to stay overnight, and since the Show ‘N Shine was scheduled to start around 9:30 am, I left home sometime around 4:30 am or so, dune buggy in tow, which would peg my arrival time well in advance of the 9:30 am start time.

Side note: for those that want to check out my tow bar setup, click here; it’s very cool if I do say so myself.

Let’s get back to the 2017 Show ‘N Shine.  Once things began to crank up, I offered my pop-up awning, a shade panel for the awning, and 2 foldable chairs to Bruce and Winnie Meyers, which they accepted (I believe they were sitting in the sun at a picnic table at the time).  I saw you, Vince Simansky, both lurking around a Meyers Tow'd and peeking out behind a storage house on Kitty Haw Kites - Rodanthe's front lawn during awards presentation; your cohort dutifully right beside you.

When the Show ‘N Shine event was over, I packed up my stuff, hooked my dune buggy back up to my 4Runner, and I drove back home.

Once again, Vince Simansky, you had absolutely no business on being at that event in the first place, and that is/was specifically spelled out exactly in the Manx Club’s Bylaws. You were neither pre-registered or registered as a 2017 MOTB attendee.  You should have been publicly sanctioned for this transgression, but (apparently) the MC BOD chose to look the other way (kind of a “maybe if we just ignore the problem, it will correct itself” mentality).
As anyone can see/read, there is no mention on also having a dune buggy on-scene as being a requirement to violate this policy.  But if I remember correctly, Mike Dario tried to use this lame excuse in an attempt to cover for your rule-breaking/lazy ass INSTEAD; you and your cohort were appointed/rewarded as event co-coordinators for the 2018 MOTB; Bizzaroworld!

I knew at that point that I was counting down the days to where I was going to resign from the Manx Club, so I took as many (truthful and well-placed) shots at both you and Scott Jackle as I could.  Yes World; I took the
"low (but extremely truthful) road", and I don’t regret that path even for a minute.  Not for one, single, solitary moment.  Stand by while I brush off the dirt.

Last but not least, Vince Simansky; never-ever-ever-EVER refer to my Toyota 4Runner as a "car"! Duh!
(End of text/links added July 21/25, 2019)
(Beginning of text/links added July 21, 2019)
Scott Jackle, you continue to be a very, very bad boy!  Since my last update on this page was specifically directed to your idol Vince Simansky (see above), I figured that you deserve an exclusive post as well.  A few days ago, you publicly stated that “he (Gary Holbrook) distorts the truth and flat out lies on his self serving site and pages”.  Here’s your chance, Scotty boy; take some time (just not too much time, please) and try your absolute best to compile a list of my “flat out lies”, send them to me (along with legitimate/verifiable documentation that backs up your accusations; screenshots, actual proof, etc), and I will create a linkable web page, just for you. Seriously now, it wouldn’t be fair to leave you all alone in the cold now, would it?

Scott, I'll actually go one step further; I took the time to create your very own webpage, so have at it. Good Luck!

I will (kind of) agree with you about one aspect; some of the links on my web pages are totally and unabashedly self-serving.  Wake up, Jackle, that’s what today social media is all about.  More Me!  I have nothing in general (that I know of) to hide; my Facebook posts/photos are all currently and totally public, and I don’t block anyone (exceptions; porno people).

Tell me this, Scott; when you walk into a grocery store, do you wear a disguise just in case someone that you want to avoid, might recognize you?  "Here comes the Boogie Man; watch out!" (Tongue-in-cheek; don't take this last sentence too seriously)

By the way, my feature photo on your DBOBX Facebook page has been the main attraction for at least 6 days now, is that some sort of a DBOBX record?  Do I get a complimentary DBOBXtreme sticker too?  Recently, I created a post for your fellow DBOBXers, detailing the proper way to install decals onto automotive glass.  Am I going to have to also create a page, especially for you, on how to post a photo that isn't “off-kilter” (crooked)?  Again, I hope to hear from you soon; please don't delay!

07-25-19 Update: Hey wait; who the heck on the DBOBX Facebook page took down my feature photo? I was hoping it was going to stay up at least until 6pm EST; that would have been a full 10 days to where Facebook DBOBXers had (apparently) nothing better to do (or to say) but to look at my profile picture (actually, it's kinda boring).  So true, fame can be fleeting.

(Damn people, I may have to seriously consider breaking up this DBOBX page into 2 separate pages; what a hassle that will be.)
(You would think that, sooner or later, these guys would run out of ammo)