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Please, let’s all band together and do the right thing.  Most of us would be considered guests as we enjoy the OBX beaches; let’s abide by the law, show common sense, and treat our hosts with the respect they deserve.  Irresponsibility and a total disregard for the law can easily lead to further/additional restrictions (or complete banishment).
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It is highly recommended (in fact required in some cases) that before entering a designated beach ramp, the air pressure should be significantly reduced in all four tires.  This airing down will provide for more tread surface with the sand, allowing for better traction.  Other Currituck County laws regarding parking, reckless driving, the dunes, wild horses, pets, restrooms, littering, bonfires, beach camping, ATVs, personal watercraft, fireworks and swimming can be found in the links below.  Additional laws may also apply in other areas:

Currituck County Beach Driving Permit Information - Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day

U.S Fish & Wildlife Service FAQs - Corolla Wild Horses

The information below can be used as initial, up to the minute points-of-contact for further information.  It is important to remember that applicable laws/regulations can be dictated at a City, County, State Park, or National Park level; depending on the location and possibly by the time of year.  These contacts may give direction to another law enforcement agency, depending upon jurisdiction.  This classic phrase applies; "ignorance is no excuse".

Currituck County Sheriff's Department, 252-232-2216 (Carova Beach, Corolla)

Dare County Sheriff's Department, 252-475-5980 (Duck, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras)

Hyde County Sheriff's Department, 252-926-3171 (Ocracoke)

This may be Vince Simansky playing in the sand behind his dune buggy;
either he or Scott Jackle should be able to confirm positive identification
February 24, 2019 - Scott Jackle, always on the lookout to be critical of others, posted this image
on his DBOBX Facebook page.  One may wonder; was he also referring to the vehicle below
that also shares a "beetle heritage"?
March 22, 2019 extended update – Recent “Dune Buggies of the Outer Banks” Facebook posts show that the DBOBX group continues to flaunt the common sense of safety as they traverse over and behind the dunes on the Outer Banks.  Posted video, still photos, and comments clearly show that these dune buggy enthusiasts refuse to have recommended buggy whips and flags installed on their vehicles; a safety feature that is now required by law (example on a camping site info page for the Oklahoma State Parks, no less), in the following areas:
Although not an absolute guarantee to prevent head-on or rear-end collisions (or contact with unseen pedestrians); buggy whips/flags (usually 8 – 10 feet high, when measured from the ground surface upwards) are currently required in the areas listed above, and are highly recommended in any situation where off-road/moving vehicles may pop up from out-of-sight in a moment’s notice.

Here is one of the main problems with this extremely closed-minded (DBOBX) group.  Although they claim to use a “spotter or radio communication” on their little group excursions, they fail to grasp the concept that other dune buggy enthusiasts may attempt to mimic what they see in the (DBOBX) videos/photos, even if they themselves decide to venture out on their own (or without radio communication, or without a spotter…..)  Vince Simansky and Scott Jackle both appear to be under the misguided impression that they are the local and exclusive “let’s-go-behind-the-OBX-dunes” Pied Pipers, and everyone else that has the desire to venture behind these same dunes will need to contact them in advance for an appointment.  How short-sighted is that?  Would you yourself consider their complete and public disregard at the buggy whip/flag suggestion as “leading by example”?  In fact, it's quite the opposite.

As (DBOBX member?) Charlie Licciardi himself recently stated; 
“People forget that the beach IS the road there, and road rules still apply in addition to sand safety and common sense. We've always driven accordingly and never had a problem.”  Yes Charlie, and those roads are not intended to be used as narrow playgrounds to be driven in a reckless and/or irresponsible manner.  Common sense, past experience and current laws established by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) dictate that buggy whips with flags are prudent and  necessary requirements.  We aren’t talking dune-jumping “Rat Patrol” here, but basic, responsible, off-road driving.  Think about it this way, Charlie; its “sand safety and common sense” (your words).
Even though buggy whips and flags are not currently required on off-road vehicles that venture over and behind the dunes at the Outer Banks, the overall nature of most fiberglass dune buggies themselves (rear engine, 2-wheel drive) inherently make them more vulnerable that the average 4-wheel drive vehicle.

In order to make sure that the typical 2-wheel dune buggy can make it over the crest of the average OBX dune/roadway (and to avoid getting stuck or bogged down in the process), the driver may need to build up a fair amount of speed before doing so.  This tendency can be seen in several of the DBOBX Facebook group’s posted videos.  Two examples can be seen here; are these drivers prepared to immediately stop if a situation arises?
California State Parks - Dumont Dunes (BLM) - Imperial Sand Dunes (BLM)
Oceano Dunes - Little Sahara State Park - Killpecker Sand Dunes
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Please correct me if I am wrong; is this Scott Jackle (and friends) practicing for the Slow Drag Race along Highway 12 (normally held much farther north at Digger's Dungeon)
during the 2014 Manx On The Banx?
June 14, 2019 - Scott Jackle, always on the lookout to be critical of others (part 2), posted this image
on his DBOBX Facebook page.  By the way, Scott; it's "truly" not "truely".  Hey, at least
you spelled "Hatteras" correctly this time; congratulations.