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Please, let’s all band together and do the right thing.  Most of us would be considered guests as we enjoy the OBX beaches; let’s abide by the law, show common sense, and treat our hosts with the respect they deserve.  Irresponsibility and a total disregard for the law can easily lead to further/additional restrictions (and/or complete banishment).
                                                                                                                                                                                              Gary David Holbrook
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May 16, 2019 extended updateAs previously and clearly stated on Page 1 and back in March 2018, the admins of the DBOBX group (Scott Jackle and Vince Simansky) were explicitly warned by the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office about climbing on the OBX dunes.  I personally have no clue as to why this warning went unheeded, but it appears that these guys truly must believe that they are above the law.

On March 19, 2019, the following photos below (along with others) were posted by Scott Jackle on the DBOBX Facebook page, possibly taken during the 2019 St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  These photos have also been reviewed by Deputy Henning of the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office; he agrees that they appear to show that someone must have climbed the OBX dunes in order to take most of these images. 

Deputy Henning informed me that after viewing the photos mentioned above, he left a voicemail for Vince Simansky (May 16, 2019) concerning this matter.  On a follow up call from Deputy Henning, he told me that he had actually spoken to Vince Simansky, who (according to Deputy Henning) said that he (Vince Simansky) was not aware of the photos, and that he would pass Deputy Henning’s concerns (about climbing the dunes) on to the rest of the group, to make sure that no one does it again.

If you would, please keep this in mind; Vince’s dune buggy can clearly be seen in some of the DBOBX Facebook group photos from that same time frame (not shown here), and there is actually a photo of Vince himself walking with what may be a camera (see below).  Can you say Vince’s response may very well be a “bald-faced lie”?

What is even more incredible, is that he told this same type of “story” to Sergeant Sutton/Currituck Co. Sheriff’s Office back on March 22, 2018 (see the following, and please remember that Vince was actually in these photos as well):

Email text (word-for-word) from Sergeant Sutton/Currituck Co. Sheriff’s Office, from back in 2018:
“On March 22,2018 at 5:33pm, I spoke to Vince Simansky by phone. I told him that I was about to send an email to him. I explained to him the reason I was contacting him. He told me that they wasn't aware of the county ordinance and that he wasn't one of them on the dunes. He wasn't with the group that day but he will let everyone know about the ordinance. He assured me that it want happen again. He was happy that I had contacted him to let him know about it.”

Here’s the deal, I am not looking to get either Vince Simansky or Scott Jackle officially busted, and I am not looking for them to be fined or appear in court (possible $50.00 ticket, possible $200.00 court costs, etc/etc/etc.).  That would end up being an embarrassment to our shared fiberglass dune buggy hobby.  I just want them to STOP CLIMBING THE DUNES.  I would also like them to publicly own up to their (repeated) law-breaking activities, and to actively and publicly pass onto others not to repeat their own bone-headed transgressions.  It’s as simple as that; am I asking too much?

These guys (dudes, idiots, whatever) have got to be the absolute worst representatives of our shared fiberglass dune buggy hobby; it baffles me that they show such little respect for laws explicitly designed to help protect our coastal environment.
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