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Posted May 19, 2019
Was I, Gary David Holbrook, really banned from the Manx Club?
Here are direct quotes from Vince Simansky, posted on the Dune Buggies of the Outer Banks (DBOBX) Facebook page, March/April 2019:

Vince Simansky: Mark Murrin He (Gary Holbrook) was banned from MC FB and MC forum so his places to "spout" have dwindled. (end of March 2019; I added my name where applicable/GDH)

Vince Simansky: I apologize for posting this to begin with. But Gary (Holbrook) has been harassing and slandering us for going on 6 years. He has been banned from the MC FB and Forum and removed from the MC because of his behavior. (first part of April 2019: I added my last name where applicable/GDH)

Is this really true?  I’ll get to the answer in a few, but first some very relevant background information is needed in order to lay out both the foundation and the result.  Bear with me; it all ties together at the end, I promise. You may actually find some of the following to be very enlightening.

Bizzaroworld; to say the least. 

I’m not sure of the exact year, but I first joined the Manx Club sometime around 2005/06. I was building my dune buggy and the original Manx Club forum was somewhat of a help; along with other various reference resources that could be found on the internet.  Over a period of time, I lost interest in renewing my membership; there were no Manx Club sponsored events here on the east coast (Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals Is not a Manx Club sponsored event), and I got tired of several Manx-body owners/holier-than-thous constantly trashing non-Manx fiberglass bodies.  Later on I decided to rejoin, only because I had planned to attend the 2nd Annual Manx On The Banx (October 2012).

I had spent various amounts of time on the Outer Banks years earlier (first visit was in April 1980), but that was the first time I had planned to be in the area with my dune buggy.  I actually enjoyed my first Manx On The Banx experience (2012), with the exception of having to endure one of the co-coordinator’s “don’t-embarrass-me-I-live-here” speeches before our group ventured out on the beach at Corolla.

During these early days (and relatively speaking), I actually had a somewhat decent relationship with Vince Simansky.  Yes; he was self-serving and at times a bit of a d**k, but hey, I had a few other friends that shared that trait, so what the heck.  Vince actually took it upon himself to contact me about a craigslist post about a dune buggy (and garage full of parts) for sale, which was actually over 20 miles away from where I lived.  In the spirit of good will, I drove there to basically check it out for him (March 15, 2012), and to get some detailed photos to send to Vince.  Afterwards, I kindly bowed out of this possible transaction, after Vince tried to get me to negotiate a better price with the seller.  Thanks, but no thanks.

Back to the OBX.  Based on my previous experiences with Kitty Hawk Kites/Nags Head (hang gliding instruction in 1980, windsurfing products later that decade), I tried to get Vince Simansky (MOTB co-coordinator at that time) to stop by Kitty Hawk Kites to see if they would consider MOTB sponsorship, but he never got off of his lazy ass to make the effort.

Taking matters into my own hands, I personally stopped by Kitty Hawk Kites/Nags Head at the end of the 3rd Manx On The Banx (October 2013), and met Luke Baer (KHK Manager of Group Sales) for the first time.  After I explained the reason for my visit, he was enthusiastic about possible and future coordination.  He hooked me up with Alexis Conyers, his assistant, as a day-to-day go-between.  I passed this contact information directly on to The Bud Man (the other MOTB co-coordinator, and a friend of mine), he responded by giving me permission to pursue this lead to its fullest extent from that point forward.

From October 2014 on to October 2017; Kitty Hawks was kind enough to offer us venues for yearly MOTB Show N’ Shines, discounts for retail products and food, they provided us swag bags each year, and kept the parking lot of their neighboring business (“Life is Good”, part of the KHK group) clear one morning so that we could get a from-above group photo/poster shot before the MOTB Show N’ Shine started (2014).  They also offered group discounts for any of their “Adventures” packages for anyone that was interested.

After the 2017 Manx On The Banx and during one of my occasional back-and-forth emails with Scott Jackle, he stated the following, as to why he (mistakenly) thought that the 2017 MOTB Show ‘N Shine was held at the Rodanthe location:

Saturday, February 17, 2018 2:46 AM “Clearly it was done with the best interests of KHK in mind and not the Manx Club”

Now, it’s important to know/remember that the idea/decision to hold the 2017 MOTB Show ‘N Shine at the Rodanthe location was made SOLELY by the 2017 Manx On The Banx coordinator.  Luke Baer/Kitty Hawk Kites just approved the initial request.

Obviously, this was a disturbing and very damaging statement to make, especially coming from Scott Jackle; an upcoming MOTB co-coordinator.  Since Scott Jackle and Vince Simansky were going to be the new MOTB coordinators, and since I valued my ongoing relationship with Luke Baer/Kitty Hawk Kites, I thought it would be in the best interest for Luke to know Scott’s true feelings about Kitty Hawk Kites, since he (Scott) may try to approach Kitty Hawk Kites sometime in the future:

From: Gary Holbrook
Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2018 4:02 AM
To: Luke Baer
Subject: Manx On The Banx - future status

Hello Luke,

I hope things are going well.  I just wanted to give you a heads-up as it relates to the future status of the annual Manx On The Banx.  For the upcoming year, the event coordinators will be “locals” Vince Simansky and Scott Jackle.  To be perfectly honest, these guys (especially Scott Jackle) have taken on a very negative view of the Manx On The Banx - Kitty Hawk Kites relationship.  As an example and in a recent email that I received from Scott Jackle and as we discussed the 2017 Show N Shine at the Rodanthe location, he stated “Clearly it was done with the best interests of KHK in mind and not the Manx Club”.  This guy is a bit of a card, and has a history of throwing a monkey wrench into prior MOTB event planning by event coordinator Bud Zeller.  Even though these guys are fellow Manx Club members, personally and unfortunately I would hesitate to even giving them the time of day.

As I have said before, we (most of us) can not thank you enough for the hospitality, cooperation, and price breaks provided in the past by you, Alexis, and the rest of the Kitty Hawk Kites staff.  If the situation changes in the future, I will certainly let you know.  You have my cell number, feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Gary Holbrook

Luke Baer, Manager of Group Sales with Kitty Hawk Kites, replied with this response:

From: Luke Baer
Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2018 8:55 AM
To: Gary Holbrook
Subject: Re: Manx On The Banx - future status

Gary - thanks for your note. I'm currently out of the country returning later this week. I'll try to catch up with you this coming weekend or the following week. Your comments about their sentiments are disheartening to say the least, as we have certainly enjoyed working with you and the rest if the Manx Club for a number if years.
I look forward to catching up soon.

For the sake of transparency and with no second thoughts, I also informed Mike Dario/Manx Club President of Scott’s damaging statement, and that I had passed it on to Luke Baer.  I sent this info through email on to Mike Dario on February 18, 2018/12:53 pm.

At one point and out-of-the-blue, I discovered that I was not able to create a post on the Manx Club Facebook page; some anonymous/gutless/spineless Manx Club/Facebook admin turned off my posting privileges without informing me in advance of the reason or reasons for doing so.  At that very instant, I thought the hell with it; the Manx Club was not the place for me.  I created and sent an email (February 20, 2018/8:08 am) to Mike Dario and the rest of the MC BOD announcing that I was cancelling my membership, effective immediately:

From: Gary Holbrook
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 8:08 AM
To: Mike Dario ; Connie Breedlove ; Richard Cushman ; Bob Hunter ; Bud Zeller ; Vincent Parisien ; Winnie Meyers
Subject: The Facts Speak For Themselves, Conclusion

Dear Current Manx Club Board of Directors Members,

Let’s review the facts here:

1.  Scott Jackle publicly and repeatedly accused me of bailing on 3 separate attempts to organize a St. Patrick’s Day dune buggy gathering at the OBX (complete lie; however I did cancel my only attempt because of a total lack of interest and a bad weather forecast)
2.  Scott Jackle publicly and repeatedly slammed the Manx Club BOD in general, and the previous MOTB event coordinator in particular, in reference to their scheduling of the 2017 Manx On The Banx.
3.  Scott Jackle and Vince Simansky publicly and repeatedly slammed the previous MOTB event coordinator for his decision to allegedly “remove” Vince Simansky from a co-event coordinator position.  (100% lie)
4.  Scott Jackle publicly slammed the content of a post created by Bud Zeller as it related to a proposed beach permit for the northern beaches of the OBX.
5.  Scott Jackle publicly slammed me because I allegedly referred to the NC Beach Buggy Association (100% lie; I am not a member of that group, I never referenced that group, and I really don’t know much about that group).
6.  Despite clearly being against the Manx Club Bylaws and without paying any sort of registration fee, Vince Simansky was allowed to crash the 2017 MOTB Show N Shine (reference; the MC Bylaws make no mention of having to be in a dune buggy in order to be considered a crasher)
7.  Scott Jackle slammed the past MOTB event coordinator as being nothing more than a “spreadsheet” maker.
8.  Vince Simansky and Scott Jackle bypassed established MC BOD procedures in order to submit their application for the 2018 Manx On The Banx.
9.  In an attempt to put the fear of God into Manx Club members, Vince Simansky clearly posted that 2WD vehicles were illegal on the northern beaches of the OBX (100% lie)
10.  In an attempt to put the fear of God into Manx Club members, Scott Jackle claimed that Currituck County NC has a sinister motive to ban 2WD vehicles from the northern beaches of the OBX (100% lie)
11.  Scott Jackle slammed the previous shared relationship between the Manx Club and Kitty Hawk Kites, stating that KHK’s motives were totally self-serving.
12.  Despite an assurance from Mike Dario, Scott Jackle continues to indirectly slam Bud Zeller.
13.  Despite the fact that Mike Dario could have easily nipped this situation in the bud (no pun intended) months ago, he allowed this situation to fester, and even get worse.
14.  Despite an assurance from Mike Dario that he will leave one of my MC Forum posts “as is”, he deleted the text and informed the world that after a result of his investigation, my facts were “unsupported”.
15.  My posting privileges on the Manx Club Facebook page have been suspended
16.  My posting privileges on the Manx Club Forum have been suspended.
17.  I am composing this on the fly, so to speak; I would imagine that I am leaving something out.

Transparency among some of the MC BOD powers-to-be seems not to be considered a virtue.  I would imagine that with some time, I could and would be happy to verify what is stated above by providing old emails and/or screenshots (as I have before).

Look, I can take the personal name calling, etc, but I believe that I have every right not to tolerate public lies about me or my friends, and the law.  So, let’s make this easy for everyone; shall we? As of today (February 20. 2018) I am officially cancelling/resigning my membership with the Manx Club.  It is plainly apparent that as an elected and collective group, you and I are on completely different pages (planets, solar systems, universes, etc.)

Have a nice day, seriously.

Gary Holbrook

Sometime afterwards, I received an email from Mike Dario/MC BOD, that my Manx Club membership had been suspended for one year.  (Let’s remember, I had already and officially cancelled my membership).

What was their stated reasoning? The ONLY thing that was mentioned in this “suspension” email was the fact that I slammed Scott Jackle when I sent my email to Luke Baer:

To; Gary Holbrook #2831
20 February 2018, 10:41am
From; Mike Dario, Manx Club -President

On Monday 2/19/2018 the Manx Club Board of Directors, by a unanimous vote of 7-0 passed a motion to suspend your membership privileges for a period of 1 year from all Manx Club official activities, including the Official Manx Club forum and any Manx Club official Face Book pages.

Under Article 5: Membership, Section 6: Suspension, Expulsion, Reinstatement

The board of directors shall have power by vote of a majority of its members, to suspend or to expel and terminate the membership of any member for conduct which in its opinion disturbs the order, dignity, business or harmony, or impairs the good name, popularity, good will or prosperity of the organization.

Specific Action: On Saturday February 17, 2018 member Gary Holbrook sent an email to Luke Baer, a representative of long time Manx Club, Manx on the Banx event sponsor Kitty Hawk Kites. In this email Gary stated “I would hesitate to even giving them the time of day” in reference to 2018  MOTB event coordinators & “locals” Vince Simansky & Scott Jackle.

This Action: “disturbs the order, dignity, business or harmony, or impairs the good name, popularity, good will or prosperity of the organization.” and jeopardizes the long established relationship between Manx on the Banx event sponsor Kitty Hawk Kites and The Manx Club.

Per the Manx Club bylaws Article 5: Section 6: The suspension will become effective 15 days from the notification date of 2/20/2018. Suspension effective date 3/6/2018. The bylaws also allow you a minimum of 5 days to respond orally or in writing. That period will begin on 2/20/2018 with this notification.  Additionally the current access blocking restrictions will remain in place on the Manx Club forum and any Manx Club official Face Book pages.

Mike Dario
Manx Club-President

Obviously there was no need for me to respond to this "suspension", nor did I feel the desire to do so, since I was not even a Manx Club member when I received this email.

So let’s review the following (undisputed) facts:

1.)  In an email to me on March 17, 2018/2:46am, Scott Jackle (future co-coordinator of the Manx on the Banx, a Manx Club-sponsored event) slammed the Manx on the Banx - Manx Club’s professional relationship with Kitty Hawk Kites (see Scott’s quote above).
2.) I sent (by email) Scott’s exact words to Luke Baer/Group Sales Manager at Kitty Hawk Kites on March 17, 2018/4:02am.  For the sake of transparency and with no second thoughts whatsoever, I also informed MC BOD of my actions regarding Scott Jackle’s damaging and reckless statement.
3.)  I submitted my resignation to the Manx Club on February 20, 2018/8:08 am.  Afterwards, I was informed (now remember, I had already cancelled my membership) that I had been suspended for one year, SOLELY based on the fact that I let an official at Kitty Hawk Kites (a very-valued MOTB sponsor, by the way) be fully aware of (future MOTB co-coordinator) Scott Jackle’s true feelings about his (Luke Baer’s) employer; Kitty Hawk Kites.

These are the facts, and once again they have not been disputed.  Both Vince Simansky and Scott Jackle continue to be an embarrassment for the Manx Club. But, solely because of their OBX “local” status; their MC Bylaws abuse/law-breaking actions/lies/anti-social behavior have so far either been totally ignored or covered up by President Mike Dario and the rest of the Manx Club Board of Directors.  What self-respecting person would want to be a part of a group like that?  Not me, that’s for damn sure.

                                                                                                                                                                               Gary David Holbrook

So, you tell me; was I BANNED from the Manx Club?  If you are a friend of Vince Simansky and/or Scott Jackle, please kindly tell them (for me, thank you) to take their BAN and stick it up their collective……
("Obey the OBX Laws")   (Are You DBOBX?)   (How Cold is Too Cold?)   (How To Apply A Decal)   (MOTB & Ethics)
("Obey the OBX Laws")   (Are You DBOBX?)   (How Cold is Too Cold?)   (How To Apply A Decal)   (MOTB & Ethics)